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 Hello Friends Welcome To InformationalBD

It is a medium that allows you to discover, understand and learn something that you do not know or want to know. We help you to gain expert knowledge on various subjects. With over 2 years of experience as a professional content writer, admins create the latest and most informative search engine friendly content.
Unlike any other website, here you will find in-depth study content that is relevant to the niche. We know that online courses are expensive to acquire, so we try to help you expand your digital knowledge as much as possible.

What Do We Do?

It would be fair to say that ever-changing technology will create an uncertain future for humanity. However, providing information and helping newcomers get acquainted with most of the evolving digital world is challenging. But not for us because we have achieved professionalism and accepted this challenge.
Topics we target the most:- Technology, Online tips, Information Communication networks, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, blogging, Freelancing, Facebook Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Earning Leads, Gaming, and a few others.
I will keep posting more helpful content on my website. Please give me your support and love.

Muhammad Zahid

Hello, I am Muhammad Zahid, owner of this blog. In this site, you'll get to read my best work. Informationalbd.com is a helping hand to many beginners wanting to learn blogging. Please consider supporting this blog in a way you can.


Name: Muhammad Zahid

Age: 20 years old

Status: single.

Interests: Female.

Amusement: Blogging, Photography.

Mother's Name: Rabia Akter (Labonno Mostofa).

Father's Name: Julhas Uddin Juel.

Brother's Name: Muhammad Raju.

Work Experience:

I have 2 years of experience in content writing, search engine optimization, in-depth topic research, keyword research, digital marketing, tech reviews, etc. I started my career as a blogger in 2020 during the pandemic situation. Since I was new, I had to work hard to gain experience in a variety of online fields. I gained knowledge on various parts of digital marketing. I have gained knowledge about different parts of digital marketing. However, I believe that even after 2 years of experience, I need to gain more experience and enrich my knowledge. I am currently developing my graphic designing skills and working as a technical content writer.