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    Having problems with your search console? Google bot not crawling is a common problem that every beginner faces. When Google does not crawl your site for a long time, it becomes a challenge for your endurance. New bloggers need Google's crawling bots to constantly update their websites in the SERP. This allows bloggers to update their errors, including titles and meta descriptions The problem, however, is that Google is less friendly with websites with a lower domain age. Websites with older domains get more benefits in Google SERP.

    So through this article, I'll help you know how you can get google bots to crawl your site fast. Because the fast google bots will crawl your website, the better Google will learn about your site's latest shifts. It will provide you momentum on google SERP.

    What are Google bots?

    Every search engine has bots that crawl websites to check if they can appear on the search engine. Just like other search engines, Google has its bots. These bots will crawl your entire site time-to-time. It will take a short period for google bots to crawl your entire website for the latest updates and modifications.

    Google bots often don't seem to crawl new websites for a prolonged time. During this time, new bloggers get stressed with Google SERP results. Many of the causalities for this are that new websites have an uncertain future unless it is for an online company. But when a website crosses an extended domain age, it becomes known to the google search engine. Google bots will start crawling your site more often, and your SERP will get better.

    However, new bloggers need the stability of mind to operate every part of their blog as smoothly as possible. So, I have brought some advice that will help you drive google bots to your website more frequently.

    Buy and renew old domains:

    Google bots are more familiar with long-time running websites. So, starting with old domains will give you an advantage on SERP. However, that will not provide you with an edge with branding. You will not get a desiring brand name for your website.

    Get 100 days old

    If you have the patience and time to manage your website without any rush, wait for your domain to get 100 days old. It will help your website get known to many search engines, including Google.

    Modify your robots.txt

    New blogger doesn't pay proper attention to the website's robots.txt file. I believe that fine robots.txt can help you get all your posts and pages indexed on Google sooner than expected.

    What is a robots.txt file?

    It's a text file of permissions. It stays at the root of your blog. A robots.txt file will provide permissions to search engines to crawl and not crawl. If the robots.txt file blocks a page or post of your blog from getting indexed, search engines or specified search engine bots will not crawl that page or post. In short, search engine bots need robots.txt permissions to crawl your website. So, you must create a fine robots.txt file that will provide search engines with the necessary permissions.

    You can get a properly validating robots.txt created by experts. Some online service providers provide this service to beginners. Though, they'll demand money from you. That's why I'll share the best working robots.txt with you.


    User-agent: Mediapartners-Google


    User-agent: AdsBot-Google-Mobile-Apps

    Allow: /

    User-agent: Googlebot

    Allow: /

    Disallow: /search

    User-agent: Googlebot-desktop

    Allow: /

    Disallow: /search

    User-agent: Googlebot-Mobile

    Allow: /

    Disallow: /search

    User-agent: Googlebot-news

    Allow: /

    User-agent: Googlebot-Image

    Allow: /

    User-agent: Bingbot

    Disallow: /search/

    Allow: /

    User-agent: Slurp

    Allow: /

    User-agent: DuckDuckBot

    Allow: /

    User-agent: Baiduspider

    Allow: /

    User-agent: YandexBot

    Allow: /

    Disallow: /search/

    User-agent: facebot

    Allow: /

    User-agent: ia_archiver

    Allow: /

    User-agent: *

    Disallow: /label/

    Disallow: /search/label/

    Sitemap: https://www. your site domain /sitemap.xml

    I've tested this robots.txt file on various websites, and it worked fine. Just change the sitemap address to your website's sitemap address.

    Optimize your website:

    Google is very friendly with optimized websites. Having a good SEO score allows you to run Google crawlers on your website more often.

    Publish posts more frequently:

    If you publish new posts more often, Google will start sending Google bots to your website continuously. Another strategy you can use is to publish posts every day at an earmarked time. This way, Google will begin transmitting bots to crawl your website exactly when you publish your post. With this method, you will be able to publish your post on Google within a few minutes or hours.