Here is what I've discovered analyzing Google for years

Here is what I've discovered analyzing Google for years

After two years of research, I learned some unique facts about Google: It is the dominating no1 search engine right now. It is a trillion-dollar worth company with billions of active users per hour. It didn't only dominate its competitors but also overcame new challenges with the power of analysis. The company has taken analytics to the next level. Only a handful of companies, like Google, Amazon,, and Facebook, have used analytics smoothly to grow their business to billion-dollar worth.

Google has a top-level analysis team:

Google has shown businesses how analysis can become the protective shield of a company. However, Google didn't rush in targetting what you would want shortly. It took years to build an algorithm that understands most of your thoughts. But the algorithm is not the forever-remaining for Google. With monthly updates and pending changes, Google alters its algorithm and maintains up-to-date with generations.

No one can keep up with Google Algorithm:

The algorithm Google uses is unique and alters day-to-day. Even if you're a professional and have years of Google knowledge, you can not keep up with the algorithm. Google developers drop updates after updates. You will have to keep reading what Google updates indicate to keep yourself reworked for a temporary duration.

It reads past and present searches to speculate future interests:

I don't know if I'm accurate, but the Google algorithm reads all your searches and queries from the browser to decide and guess what could catch your interest. This type of algorithm is viewable on e-commerce and social platforms but in a different aspect. Unlike other platforms, Google doesn't hide what it does in most cases. But people think that Google has secrets hidden from users because people avoid reading its lengthy pages, such as privacy policies and terms and conditions.

Google algorithm is not 100%:

You might think that Google uses an algorithm that is 100% powerful. However, you are not familiar with the truth. No algorithm is 100% developed. Google may use an algorithm to catch your behavior, but it can not detect your ever-changing interests and deliver a generation-based experience. It needs timely updates and changes to connect with the new world and new audience. But still, it uses more updated functions than most other platforms.

Decoding Google Security is nearly Impossible.

Now, most of you already know about how strong Google security is. Even a professional hacker can not decode its security system without using black tricks. I believe that Google surpasses any platform in terms of protecting privacy. Even a platform like Facebook seems to be weaker than Google's security. It displays how strongly Google has prepared itself to prevent any hackers from crashing its servers.

Google doesn't ban 18+ sites:

Google maintains its work by staying neutral. It doesn't care what website you have published on unless government restricts it. That's why so many 18+ websites and blogs are available on Google.

It will take more than 100 years for a search engine to give Google a competition:

Search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo, etc., can never compete with Google. New generations are growing up using Google for searching. Google has the best strategy-making team that never lets Google down. The company doesn't hesitate to spend billions for 100% work developments.

It's exceptional how Google manages to connect with new generations and remain the position no1 search engine. Google is a trillion-dollar company that never takes competition lightly. Not many companies can achieve the success Google have. Many companies fail to connect with new generations. And that's the edge Google didn't lose.