How To Buy Domain Name From Via BKash

    Buy domain name at a cheap rate from - one of the best domain and hosting providers. lets you cheap domain registration for one year for beginners. You can start away with NameCheap and buy a domain name to start your online business instantly.

    Unlike other cheap web hosting providers, NameCheap delivers the best services at the best rates. With NameCheap hosting, you can always keep your online business live and active. It is something not many other providers can deliver. Hosting providers such as HostingLaagbe, Hostinger, DhakaWebHost, etc., fails to keep your website running and active 24/7. That's why NameCheap is your top domain and hosting provider.


    Similar to its name, NameCheap provides online services that are cheap and affordable to new users. You can always depend on NameCheap for top-level services at a low price. As the company's tagline says, you can bring your ideas to life without investing too much money. Buy a domain and everything else you need but don't worry about the expense. The company issues name cheap promos time-to-time. We know these promotional codes as NameCheap coupons used for discounts on each domain name and hosting. That's why it is the cheapest place to buy a domain.

    Reliability of NameCheap

    More than 2M + customers rated the company 4.7 out of 5 stars. You can see the review at Unlike other hosting providers, NameCheap doesn't have lots of paid reviews. People who use the services are happy to review and rate it.

    NameCheap is a cheap website hosting provider that gives all the facilities and low-cost web hosting you need for your online company. 

    Most important things we need from a domain hosting provider company:

    • 24/7 contact service.
    • Keeps your website 24/7 active.
    • Services at an affordable cheap rate.
    • Total security and an easy-to-use Cpanel.
    • Cheap dedicated server hosting.
    • Cheap VPS hosting.
    • Cheap email hosting.
    • Cheap WordPress hosting.
    • Cheap windows VPS hosting, etc.

    NameCheap has all these facilities. But what you most need from a hosting company is to keep your website 24/7 active. I have talked to a lot of Bloggers who use NameCheap's services. I've also used NameCheap's services, and I've noticed that if you use NameCheap's hosting, your website will be active 24/7. That's why I suggest you start your online company with NameCheap.


    How To Buy cheap web hosting and domain registration from NameCheap via bKash?

    NameCheap doesn't support bKash or any other desi payment methods. However, I will tell you how to purchase the service natively from

    NameCheap supports these payments methods:

    Visa card, MasterCard, Bitcoin, Discover, PayPal, and other foreign payment methods.

    As mentioned above, does not accept our local online payment method. However, following the procedure provided by me, you will be able to purchase an unlimited domain and hosting from NameCheap using your bKash payment method.

    The native way to purchase services using bKash:

    • First, go to Facebook and join this group - Beginner Bloggers Forum BD.
    • After joining this group, post what you would like to pay online or message a group admin directly.
    • After connecting with one of the admins in the group, ask them to make an online purchase for you from NameCheap.
    • The administrator will manage the foreign payment methods, while you can pay the admin via bKash.

    I hope this was helpful to you. If you want to know more relevant topics, stay connected with this website.