Youtube Studio Setup । Cheap but Professional

 YouTube Studio SetUp at Home:

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You've been publishing some videos on YouTube - now they've gone viral! It is time for you to take a step further and construct a committed YouTube studio o smooth your work.

A reliable YouTube Studio will motivate you to work harder and gain momentum. But do you need a YouTube studio? After all, a YouTube studio will require someplace in your home. In a spare room or space elsewhere, equipment for a YouTube studio will seem relatively meaningful.

For example, If your YouTube channel is all about video game streaming, you'll need good space in your house. Make sure to get some good expanse in your room first. However, don't worry too much about your room.

However, a professional youtube studio setup doesn't require lots of money if you have some tricks in your pocket. You can get yourself a professional video recording studio setup without spending a lot of money.

In this article, you'll know how to construct a cheap but professional YouTube studio in your house.

Just follow the tips for a professional youtube studio setup for beginners:

What do you need for a YouTube studio setup?

  • Fast functioning Computer
  • Camera
  • Mic
  • Lights
  • Background
  • Essential Softwares

These are the basics you'll need for your YouTube studio setup. A professional YouTube studio setup will cost more than your budget. Without over-costly tools, it will be more manageable for you to build an affordable YouTube studio to accelerate your work.

But before coming to more details, let's know - How much does it cost to set up a YouTube studio?

An expert YouTube studio may cost more than 500$ for a professional Youtuber. However, a starter can smoothly grow a Youtube career from scratch with medium-budget techs. You don't need all high-budget front-end techs and gadgets to produce YouTube videos.

Check out the basic features you need to set up a YouTube studio at home:

1. Powerful Computer

You will need a powerful computer for editing and exporting videos. In short, you will need a computer that has the speed to execute your tasks in time. After all, it is essential to upload new videos from time to time to keep up with the momentum.

A pc to do tasks related to Youtube may cost around $350-$500. However, if you already have a pc, you can change its components. This way, you can save some cash. You will need a 

2. Camera


If you have a 48/64MP camera smartphone or iPhone, this is the option to use. Launch the camera app and start recording. Almost every smartphone available nowadays has a camera of 48MP.


Buy a DSLR to produce HD and more detailed videos. In DSLR, you get the option to change lenses and record better quality videos than a smartphone.


If you are going to stream, a webcam is a better option for starting. You can use smartphone cameras, but webcams would be easier to move and position.

3. Microphone

Even though you can use a smartphone mic, built-in microphones are only suitable for calls. Use a Boya mic instead. You can use Boya mics for recording audio and not background sounds. You will find a Boya at a reasonable and affordable rate in any gadget store.

4. Lighting

Nowadays, many Youtubers use ring lights in front and dream lights in the background. It is a simple technique that saves money. You can use this combo technique instead of spending thousands on lighting.

Install two dream lights in the background and a single multi-color ring light in front.

5. Background

If you use a green background, you will need to spend more time editing chroma. A green background also costs a lot. You can use full-black in the back, but it will give a Tiktok vibe to your videos.

My tip for you is to customize your background and use lights to keep the focus on you instead of the surrounding.

6. Softwares

To produce video content for Youtube, you need premium software installation on your computer.

What software you will require:

  1. Video editing software
  2. Audio editing software
  3. Image editing software

Video Editing Software

You will require premium video editing software to edit your YouTube videos best way possible. You will discover some free software on Google, but they enable limited options for you.

A premium software will enable all the options for you to make your video visuals look professional.

You can use Corel VideoStudio Ultimate, one of the best video editing software for youtube beginners. It comes at an affordable price to help beginners succeed on Youtube.

Audio Editing Software

If you don't like a video with low-quality audio and noisy background, use audio editing software to get the best audio for your YouTube video.

Nowadays, most video editing software comes with an audio editing option.

Image Editing Software

It's better to sidestep copyright claims by using copy-free images on your video. Use image editing software not for editing images but for making thumbnails, channel logos, and other graphics.

Use Photolemur or Adobe Photoshop to edit images to use them on YouTube videos.