Twitter More Simple Than Facebook?

Using Twitter may be more simple than Facebook
twitter - simple? 

Twitter is one of the best social platforms for sharing your comments with millions of people. Unlike other social platforms, Twitter uses a simple and clean theme that makes everything a lot easier for you on Twitter. But if you ask if Twitter is better than Facebook, there will be a long discussion.

However, when we compare the usability of both platforms we can come to an acceptable conclusion.

Twitter is a simple platform that lets us share our thoughts in a few words. We can share media files, text and use Hashtags.

We can engage with a wider audience by using hashtags in our tweets. That way we don't need a big fan base to reach more users.

Twitter uses a white theme, it gives users an experience of simplicity. Unlike other social platforms, white themes give users a distinct obsession with easy-to-use features.

There ain't any 

"Go live" system on Twitter. However, that doesn’t make it less comparing to other platforms. The whole experience of Twitter will not let you feel that there's any need for the "Go Live" system.

Twitter is one of the best platforms for marketing. It lets you market your business in a simple way.

Overall, Twitter is an exceptional platform in its own way. There's nothing that needs a change in the platform unless the developers want.


Facebook is the number one social platform withholding more than 2 billion registered users. It has everything that a social platform can offer. Nothing seems off on

However, Facebook is not as simple-to-use as other platforms. You may think that Facebook is easier to use but It's not.

Facebook is a social platform where various opportunities are active. It delivers a different user experience to its users. For example, you can publish lengthier texts, images and videos on Facebook. There are too many facilities available on

However, despite all these advantages, it still lacks simplicity. Twitter breaks down the age effect as much as possible when using it. A 50+ years old man will have no problem creating a Twitter account and using it. But the same cannot be said if we talk about Facebook. A 50+ year old will experience problems when using Facebook for the first time.

The simplicity of Twitter opens up a simple way for users to connect with trending environment. There’s nothing to blow up on Twitter. It has its own terms and policies, it can dismiss any ID if it finds violation. It has Pros and Cons, but keeping everything aside, Twitter is no doubt, one of the simplest social platforms to connect with global society.