Simple way to Fast Your Mobile's Performance?

Simple way to Fast Your Mobile's Performance?
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We all want our phones to perform fast. A sluggish mobile can slow our work progress. Have you ever wondered why your phone is so slow?

A sluggish phone is like a turtle. It performs slowly and disturbs you mentally. A recent report indicates that many often smash their phone due to poor performance. Some of you will think that it's the fault of the motherboard of your phone. However, that's not entirely true. Sometimes it's the wrong applications that make your phone as slow as a turtle.

But do you know that you can restore your phone's performance if you want? In this article, I'll describe how your poor phone can perform fast.

Why does your phone get slow, and How to Fast your Phone?

There are assorted reasons why a phone can become very slow. It's not always the shortcoming of your motherboard. Some mobile applications and despised files can make your phone sluggish.

Instead of worrying about where to take your phone, worry about how you can restore your phone's performance without buying a new phone. 

A mobile phone can hang due to various reasons. Sometimes slowing performance can be a result of phone hacking. Always stay alert with what you’re doing on your phone.

Why Does the Phone Get Slow?

  1. Installing big size mobile applications.
  2. Unused applications. 
  3. Mod applications. 
  4. Junk File ( Hidden files, Unwanted files, Too many files, Copy files).
  5. Browsing unauthorized websites.

Above are common reasons why your phone's performance is so slow. You can restore or improve the performance if you optimize your phone.

How to Fast Your Phone's performance? 

  1. Uninstall mobile applications that are larger than usual applications.
  2. You don’t need unwanted mobile applications. Uninstall applications that are unused for more than 15 days.
  3. Keep your phone's memory clean as much as possible. Delete all your junk files.
  4. Uninstall Sharit application from your phone. Shareit is one of the most used mobile applications used for sharing files. However, there are many other sharing applications available much better than Shareit. For example - ShareMe, Google files, etc.
  5. Don't use any antivirus application or battery booster type application on your phone.
  6. Go to your phone's developer option and activate the "Force GPU rendering" option if available on your phone.
  7. Delete remaining cache files from your phone.
  8. Don't install mod games or applications on your mobile.

If your phone is more than 3 years old, it is normal for your phone to be lagging and performing slow. However, the above methods are applicable on both new and old phones.

How to speed up your Phone's Gaming Performance?

If you want your phone to work fast during Gaming, you can expect nothing but a neutral experience from your phone.

Your phone's processor decides what kind of experience you will have while gaming. However, you can still expect good gaming performance from your phone if you free up some extra space on your phone.

If your phone's primary storage is running low, it's normal for your phone to perform slower when you play games. So, free up some space on the phone and restart your phone if you want to speed up the gaming performance on your phone.

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