Is Mozilla Firefox a search engine?

Many people ask if Mozilla Firefox is a web browser or search engine. In this article, I will clarify whether or not Mozilla Firefox is a search engine.

Mozilla Firefox is the alternative to its most recognized competitors, Google chrome and other web browsers. It has features that help the user experience smooth browsing. Unlike Opera Mini, It runs smoother and better on the desktop. As a result, many users prefer to use only Mozilla Firefox on their desktops.

Mozilla has uncountable reviews from its users for being the most smooth and safe to surf. It has tracking protection that is more comprehensive than its rival, Google Chrome, and it also beat its competitor, Microsoft Edge, by having better features and integrations.

It is easily one of the Fast Multi-Process Browsers. However, Mozilla Firefox is not a search engine, and a web browser and a search engine have differences. As a beginner to the internet, you may mix the differences between a search engine and a web browser.

That is why this question springs from among users. So, to make things straightforward, I will define the answer once again. Mozilla Firefox is one of the best web browsers to have on your desktop for browsing the internet.

Difference between search engines and web browsers:

A web browser is software installed on your desktop to browse the internet. On a browser, you get to surf any search engine you want. However, a search engine is not a browser. A search engine is a website that works as a host that helps you discover your search by directing you to other websites.

So, ultimately, neither Google Chrome nor Mozilla Firefox is a search engine. I hope that now you know the difference between a search engine and a web browser by now.


Is Mozilla Firefox a Good Browser?

Firefox is one of the best browsers available to you, and it provides all the facilities you can ask for from a browser. 

Can I use extensions on Mozilla Firefox?

Some people think that Mozilla doesn't have options like using extensions, which isn't true. You can install and use almost all the extension tools you get to use in Google Chrome. However, some extensions are only for Chrome.

Is Mozilla Firefox available for Mobile Users?

Yes! You get two versions, Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Firefox beta, to install and use on your Android.

Is Mozilla Firefox provides better security than Google Chrome? 

Yes! It might be unacceptable for some Chrome users, but Mozilla Firefox gives your privacy more priority than Chrome does.

Better Overall — Mozilla or Google Chrome?

Both browsers are popular among internet users. Both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have good reviews on the internet. Neither one of them is lesser than the other. So, it is impossible to consider one better than the other. In my perspective, both deliver a smooth and fast browsing experience to their valuable users.

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