How to use keywords on articles without hurting the SEO

How to use keywords on articles without hurting the SEO?
How to use keywords on articles without hurting the SEO?

If you want to know the use of keywords in your articles, you have to learn how to operate with keywords. For some people using keywords on the content is one of the most challenging tasks they have to face. After all, irrelevant keywords are bad for SEO and could hurt your content's ranking on Google. However, you will not face any issues with how to use keywords appropriately on your blog after reading this article.

Using targeted keywords on your article appropriately is not an easy part of SEO for a beginner. After all, a professional will always use targeted keywords in the best places to get a better Google ranking. In the end, It's not about what keywords you target but the ratio of relevant keywords, and it is the necessary step you will need to comprehend before targeting keywords and using them.

By maintaining the use of relevant keywords in your content, you'll be able to score a good SEO. Having a good amount of relevancy will ensure your ranking on multiple alternative queries to your targeted keyword.

Imagine ranked on two Google queries - 

1. How to use an automatic car,

2. How to make an automatic car. 

Both queries are similar to one another. Except for one has 1k monthly volume and the other has slightly less. If you exclude the word "use" and "make" from the queries, you'll discover that both have the keywords "how to" and "automatic car." It is what I call relevancy, my friend.

You have to make good use of relevant keywords in your article. But before using any keywords, let us learn how to use keywords on content. 

How to use keywords appropriately?

When writing content to publish on your website, you need keywords to help your content with its Google ranking. However, having a list of targeted keywords Isn't enough since you have to include them in the best places of your content. There aren't a lot of best parts available to use the keywords. After all, you can't include keywords in every single sentence, and you can add your targeted keywords only in specified places.

1. In the h1 heading of your article. 

2. In starting of the first paragraph. 

3. You can use targeted keywords after every 50-100 words.

4. Include relevant keywords in the h2 heading of your article.

5. Use relevant keywords at starting of the paragraph following the h2 heading. Don't include it if you think it will disturb the value of the section.

6. Include both relevant keywords and targeted keywords in the paragraph following the conclusion of your article.

Following are some of the best places to add your targeted and relevant keywords. Including your targeted keywords in these sections improves the SEO and will boost your article's ranking on Google. I will discuss - how to find relevant keywords for an article at another time.