Optimize Images For The Web - Without Losing Quality

How to optimize images for the web without losing quality?

How to optimize images for website online - If you want to optimize your website images, I'll share the best tips to help you. You can increase your website page loading by optimizing your photos before publishing them on your site.

Many of you use PNG, JPEG, or Avif format images on your website, and images in this format slow down the loading speed of your site.

Google has recognized Webp as the future of image format. This format helps you to maintain the same quality without losing quality.

How to Conver your Image to WebP?

Ezgif.com is the best image converter to optimize your image files, and Ezgif supports almost all image formats. In the below video, I have added a video to guide you on how to optimize your image files.


If you set the quality around 60-80%, and it will keep the quality clean and detailed. However, below 60% will damage the quality of your image.

You can use as many Webp images on your site as you want. The format doesn't use many seconds to load. So, it is best to use the Webp format.