How to manage your Blogger Blog on Mobile?

how to manage your blogger blog

How to manage your Blogger Blog on Mobile - In WordPress, you get to manage your WordPress blog with ease through the WordPress app. However, the Blogger platform doesn't provide the same facilities. The Blogger platform does not offer any official mobile application that will let you manage your Blogger blogs.

A Blogger blog comes with a lot of disadvantages. Often these drawbacks become very formidable for us Blogger users. It's challenging to compose posts and edit and customize a Blogger blog through a mobile browser. But a Blogger application would make it more effortless.

Though there is no official app from the Blogger platform, you can install unofficial apps on your mobile and manage all your Blogger blogs. You may be wondering if unofficial apps are safe! These unofficial apps may not be official, but they are secure and easy to use.

Apps to manage your Blogger blog on mobile:

Blog it

Blogit is one of the best applications to manage all your Blogger blogs with ease. I use it to manage my blogs. It lets me edit and compose my posts on mobile the best way possible.

Blogger Panel

This app comes with advantages such as editing, composing, customizing, and creating pages. It becomes a browser-like app for you.

Blog - A Blogger alternative

This app is not as good as other alternatives, but it is straightforward to publish and edit posts. It also lets you take a look at the Blogger statistic.


You will find this app on websites such as UptoDown or ApkPure. This app is available on these sites as the official Blogger app. However, it is not available in Google Playstore. You can do all kinds of essential work through this app.

There you go, a list of mobile applications to manage your blog on mobile. If you liked this article, share it with your online friends.