How to SEO Content Writing । Tips For Beginners

How to do SEO content writing:

SEO content writing


What sort of blogger doesn't understand the essence of SEO content? Optimized articles help attract organic viewers from Google. How? Search engine-friendly content has the potential to outperform competitors in Google and outdo the rank. So, a blogger should spend time writing SEO content.

What is SEO content? An SEO content refers to search engine optimized content created with etiquette to rank higher in search engines, especially Google. An optimized article can rank at the top of Google's front page. That's why Bloggers consider optimized content.

 Note that optimized articles are significant to making revenue from a website.

How to create SEO content - To create optimized content and overthrow your competitors from the Google rankings, you'll need guidelines from professionals. To be genuine, I'm not a professional, but I can provide some basic rules of "How To Write search engine friendly articles" since I have three years of experience in writing blogs. 

SEO friendly content writing tips:

1. Use high volume, low/medium competitive, medium CPC and short keywords in the H1 & H2 headings. 

2. Examine the plagiarism and reduce the copy score to 0%. 

3. Alleviate passive sentences or try to keep them under 5%-10%.

4. Avoid synonyms that can not carry any meaning in the sentence. 

5. Set the content latitude to a minimum of a 300-500 words scale. Word-rich content is more friendly to search engines than thinner content.

6. Use high CPC keywords in your content.

7. Analyze your content and reduce sentences that can not add any value to the content. 

8. Create a meta description with the most used keywords in your content

9. Add at least one external and one internal link to your content 

10. Try to Add/ Use the focus keyword after every 100 words gap.

11. Include multiple images in your content.

12. Don't increase the length of the content with unnecessary meanings.

SEO content writing examples

SEO content writing - is a different side of writing. It is different from other ways of writing because it contains more words, keywords, readability, and works related to on-page and off-page SEO. You don't write and wait for readers. You optimize your writing and connect with your audience in the best way known.

Good writing is a must in content writing, but SEO content writing asks for more accuracy and fluency from a publisher. And if you are an Engish publisher, you will need to be more careful with how you use words in your content.

A considerate SEO content contains all the fundamental elements in writing, which will boost the ranking on search engines. It will be unfortunate if you miss adding any essential features (High CPC/monthly volume keywords, h Headings, In-depth and informative sentences, right words, etc.) to your content before publishing it on Google.

keywords for content writing

Keywords for writing content are fundamental. Your content will never get a higher ranking on Google without the right keywords.

High CPC keywords with good monthly volume and less SEO difficulty will grow your website everywhere on Google. That's why beginners should target less competitive long-tail keywords.


How to find keywords - Open google chrome on your desktop > Go to Google chrome web store > Install both Keyword surfer and Keywords everywhere extension on your browser.

These two extensions will provide you with all the data to target keywords.



How many words can a content writer write in a day?


A content writer has to write lengthy and informative content. There is no limit to how many words a content writer can write in a day. However, a professional writer can complete 2,000 words long SEO content in a day with ease.