How to Create Backlinks Manually for Free?

How to Create Backlinks Manually

How to Create Backlinks Manually - Do you want to create backlinks for your website? I'll lead you on how to create backlinks free for your website. But before we dive into the part, let's learn what backlinks are.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links that help you get traffic from other websites. Usually, these links help you get traffic to your website from other sources. However, you can also rely on backlinks for improving search engine rankings and MOZ's DA PA. In proper words, Backlinks are the crucial part of off-page SEO.

So, coming back to Backlinks - Backlinks are connections between websites. You can use inbound links, incoming links, or one-way links as backlink references. Search engines such as Google use the number of backlinks as an upvote for a page.


In general, backlinks are links that you add to other websites. It helps you to build communion with other websites. The whole backlink process is to create a page on another website that has links to your website. What's the benefit of creating backlinks on another website? As I mentioned above, backlinks are like the upvote system that tells the search engine to rank your content because it is valuable. If you are a publisher, you should know that Google only ranks content that it considers valuable. In addition to helping your content rank, backlinks help you get visitors from other websites.


In short, backlinks are vital to SEO and help you quickly get your content indexed and ranked on Google.


Note: There are two types of backlinks, do-follow backlinks, and no-follow backlinks.

Do-follow backlinks act as an upvote, whereas no-follow backlinks add no value to your website. Every link is a do-follow unless it contains the Nofollow attribute.

Example: <a rel="nofollow" href="">Cheap Flights</a>

Ways to Generate Backlinks for your Blog

As a blogger, you may be looking for tools that will allow you to create 100 backlinks in just one click. Fortunately, such a tool does exist and will help you create free backlinks to your website.


Go to Google and search for "free backlink generator" You will get a list of backlink generating tools. Click on the result that appears first on the list. It will redirect you to a tool website known by its name Smallseotools.


Smallseotools will help you to generate hundreds of backlinks for free. However, it's not the only way to get free backlinks for your website.


There are dozens of new bloggers blogging in the same niche you are blogging. In normal circumstances, they're your competition in development. But you can connect with them and exchange backlinks. Why? It will help you in the future when their websites become a real competition.

So by far now, I have given some helpful tips on how to get 1000 free backlinks. If you want more information on how to create backlinks for my website, let us know by sharing this content with social friends. It will help us reach more users and bloggers who need our helping hand.