5 Multiplayer Online Games । Gaming Tips

 Multiplayer Online Games List:

Online Games To Play With your Friends

    Multiplayer Games are the best option to kill your boring times. They let you contest against your friends and family. Ultimately, you will find multiplayer online games addictive and entertaining. Unlike FreeFire and Pubg, there are more online games available through which you can enjoy endless fun. To help you enjoy your free time with your friends, we included Five multiplayer crazy online games to play with your friends.


    Carrom Disco Pool

    If you are a Carrom lover, this is the perfect game to play with friends. Carrom Disco Pool is one of the most addictive games available in the Google play store. It is an easy-to-play multiplayer board game that makes carrom more straightforward for beginners. You get the option to play with people from a different continents. 


    Every time you play in matchmaking, you'll have to bet your coins where the winner takes all. If you ever run out of carrom coins, you can use gems in exchange for carrom coins. Also, you can get some extra carrom coins by watching the ads, which will help you play.

    Carrom Disco Pool has three modes which are:

    • Play Disco Pool.
    • Play Carrom.
    • Play Freestyle.

    On Play Carrom & disco pool mod, you get to contest against some of the best Carrom Disco Pool players for prizes up to 1M coins. Overall, the game gives you a vibe of authentic carrom. The graphics of the game is smooth and decent. You will not encounter any glitches or bugs.


    Ludo King

    Ludo King is a board game you can play between friends and family. Ludo is one of the most played games in Asia. It is fun and, at the same time, gives you chills. You can never win this game with luck only. You have to play this game with everything you have to compete with your friends.


    The graphics in the Ludo King game are mediocre, and you won't have to worry about it. You will not be disappointed with the experience of the game. The game allows you to play from 2 to 6 players. If you don't have anyone to play with, you can play online with other ludo players through matchmaking. So, why are you waiting? Go to Google Play Store and install Ludo King and start playing with your friends to spend your leisure time.



    Chess is one of the most addictive games all over the world. You can never tell when time runs out when you are playing chess. International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognized this game as a sport. It will take a lot of your mental strength to play chess against a top player. This game so much that it formed a large community in countries like Iceland, Monaco, Andorra, Armenia, etc.


    Chess is so popular that it has 50M+ downloads on the Google play store with 4.3 out of 5 stars and 1M+ reviews. This game delivers realistic vibes and gives you a hard time when you play with the CPU. It is an offline game where you can compete against your friends on a single phone. Your phone will act like a Chessboard for you. The game helps beginners to learn small and large details about chess. If you play for a month or two, you will become a better chess player and show off your chess aptitudes in front of your friends.


    8 Ball Pool

    8 Ball Pool lets you play in the world of pool games. It is an addictive, challenging, and enjoyable game that delivers a realistic 3D pool game where you can challenge your friends online. The game's difficulty remained easy to win for starters. You have to set the table and get ready. This game allows you to challenge your friend in a PvP mode, where you can play for coins and win over exclusive items.


    You can use the coins to customize your cue and pool table and buy items from the Pool Shop. The game has a ranking system which you can high up by playing Pool league. The game requires you to stay online to be able to play.


    8 Ball Pool has 4.5 stars out of 5 stars with 23M+ reviews and 500M+ downloads. Install this game today and start playing with friends to feel the overwhelming fun.




    We all love cricket. After all, it is the most widely played sport in the world. The ICC Cricket World Cup is the biggest tournament in cricket, where different countries compete against each other for the Cricket World Cup. The WCC's second edition, WCC2, allows cricket fans to play all the cricket tournaments they want to play. You can live your life as a cricket player in WCC2. The game delivers a realistic gaming experience with HD graphics. It will not fail to make you feel like your playing real cricket in front of thousands of audiences cheering for you. This game has a third installment which is World Cricket Championship 3. However, the game disappointed most WCC lovers, and people started to return to WCC2.


    WCC 2 delivers upright gameplay. The quality of the video view is balanced, and the sound effects are not deficient either. You will get to see a good intro and outro. However, you will face some lags and glitches while playing with others online. But aside from that part, it has good storytelling and tutorials that help beginners comprehend the game.


    WCC2 has multiple modes, and one of the most eye-catching ones is the career mode. In the career mode, you get the opportunity to create your character, customize it, and play a realistic storyline of a cricketer. However, you have to spend money to unlock career mode in WCC 2. As a true cricket fan, this shouldn't bother you. Because once you pay for the career mode in WCC2, you will get access to a whole new cricket gaming experience. So, install WCC2 today from the Google play store and start your cricket journey as a WCC player.