Eid Al-fitr 2022 - Best way To celebrate!

 Eid Al Fitr 2022:

Best way To celebrate Eid Al-fitr 2022!

    In this Eid al fitr 2022 season, you can definitely want to enjoy 2022's Eid in the best way. In Islam, Eid is a holy day for Muslims. On this day, every Muslim comes together and prays to Allah for forgiveness and starts a new beginning through Eid prayers.

    Every human being embraces and respects each other. Greeting one another is a must for every Muslim. It has a sweet meaning - "Peace be upon you"

    On such a special day it is best to greet each other in the best possible way. It will increase respect and sociality.

    Greet minor members of your Family

    You may think that giving money is the only greeting you can give to younger members of your family in Eid al-fitr 2022. However, you should always try to give as much love, affection and welcome to your younger family members as possible.

    Of course, it is important to greet them with money, this is what they want from you on Eid. But you can make this Eid the best for them with gifts and sweets. You can take them to parks and museums.

    It will make Eid 2022 a memorable day for them.

    Greet your spouse

    After praying to Allah, together with your spouse, the best way you can celebrate the Eid al-fir 2022 with your spouse is by taking them to 5 star restaurants or offering them flowers such as roses and a  ring to express your love.

    You can help your wife with her cooking and take her to a cinema hall at night and watch a romantic movie together.

    Greet your Parents

    Parents are the elder people of a family. They don't expect much from you even in Eid 2022. However, you can make the day special for them by expressing your love and respect for them. You should always respect and cherish your parents with the deepest respect you can offer.

    Buy them the most expensive clothes according to your budget. They should always wear more expensive clothes than any other members of your family. It will show the respect they are given in the family. Never compare your wife with your mother, and never compare yourself with your father. Ask your childrens and other minor members of your family to greet them and for their wishes. It's the best way you can celebrate Eid al-fitr 2022 and every day by giving respect to those who bring you to this world.

    Greet your relatives

    Greet your relatives by video call or phone call. Send them your greetings via text messages. It will show that you care about them. Visit your relatives on 2022's Eid and celebrate with them. Take some sweets and fruits with you. Greet your relatives with minor members.

    Greet your neighbors

    Celebrate Eid with your neighbors and share some fun moments with them. Be as hostile as possible with your neighbors. It will create respect for you among your neighbors.

    Greet poors

    Do not neglect the poor on Eid al-fitr. They are human beings just like you. Try to make their day special too. Greet them and pay them as much as you can. Your one generosity will help them to buy something for their family members.

    Make your 2022 Eid memorable with the beloved person.

    If you love someone and want to marry that person, Eid al-fitr is the best day for you. Send a marriage proposal to your loved one's family. Eid is a special day and a day to express your love and respect for those around you and those who are with you. It is also a day to express your love for the person you want to be with. A marriage proposal is the best option to show how much care, love and respect you have for a person.

    Celebrate Eid al-fitr 2022 with beef meat and Pulaw

    The specialty of Eid al-fitr is to get to eat the food of choice. It is a day when you can spend money eating the best and favorite halal food of your choice. And what could be better than eating beef and pulao together? You can also taste Shahi Biryani!

    When is Eid al-fitr 2022?

    This year's Eid al-Fitr will begin in Monday, 2nd May, 2022