Artificial Intelligence । Why are we so obsessed with AI?


Why we are so obsessed with AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

Artificial Intelligence - The term "artificial intelligence" was still in its beginning phases in the 1950s, as people were unfamiliar with the world and had few ideas about its future potential. As of present, Artificial intelligence has the potential to be used for nefarious purposes by humans. However, it can be used by the nation or even a specific business for positive purposes, like cyber security. Machines with artificial intelligence could be programmed and configured to protect an area's systems and equipment.

AI enhancements will enable timely detection of vulnerabilities and weaknesses in cyberinfrastructure. Machine learning algorithms will go beyond extrapolation from previous experiences and become even more capable of identifying anomalies.

With advanced development and years of knowledge input, AI machines can adapt to identify cyber threats and become better at it than humans. Artificial intelligence machines can learn specific algorithms or patterns of attacks and prevent them from occurring in the protected region. Because AI does not require rest and can manage, control, and monitor data 24/7 as long as the power is on, it is substantially more advanced than humans. Unlike humans, we occasionally commit "human errors," such as letting something slide by unintentionally, which could result in a significant problem or catastrophe. Human errors must not exist in AI computers if coded and developed appropriately.

AI is mostly going to alter industrial ideals. Unlike other fields, Industrial sectors where workforce & intelligence is needed have shown the most interest in involving AI in their work. In the USA, some companies have started to use AI as a test to see how it can increase the acceleration of the work. Small businesses are also trying Artificial Intelligence robotic tools to maintain momentum during event sales. Elon Musk has also shown mutual interest in developing AI robots. All the obsession with Artificial Intelligence is because of how we can use its advantage to change our world. However, it is uncertain in what direction AI will lead the world.