Why is Amazon not in bangladesh?

Amazon not in bangladesh

E-commerce giant Amazon can not ship in Bangladesh, and why is that? Even though Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing countries, other countries still consider the country like extra words in the composition. Bangladesh is one of the countries whose market capture is less important for Amazon.

Jeff Bezos built Amazon in 1994, and since then, the company has associated itself with many different countries and become the largest globally successful international e-commerce business. So far, it has captured a significant market share and has become the leading online retailer in the United States. The company has grown so much that it delivers products in 13 countries, yet not big enough to make a delivery in Bangladesh? It is not entirely true, and in fact, Amazon does want to associate itself with as many countries as possible. After all, Jeff Bezos dreams of shipping to Mars. So why would it come to a business agreement with Bangladesh?

Even though Bangladesh is the fastest developing country, it still lacks in many business fields. The people living in this country are yet to consume more futuristic products. It is what makes the market of Bangladesh unreliable. Because in a country that is still developing under discrimination and an ill Government system is hard to do business. Because not only Bangladesh is a developing country, it is a country where consumers bargain a lot. But that isn't a reason that keeps amazon away from capturing the market in Bangladesh. India is very similar to what we see in the Bangladesh market. However, Amazon didn't own any distance from Indian consumers.


The overpopulation could be why capturing the market in India has a high value to almost all companies, including Amazon. What company would not target a country with a 1.3billion population?

Bangladesh has roughly a 17million people. But a 17million is not a population to overlook. It is a fair amount of the people to attract the eyes of big companies. The country is growing and has a more literate status than India. Doing business in such a country would not be a loss for a tech giant. Or would it be? It took a lot of time for an e-commerce business such as Daraz to establish its brand name well among Bangladesh people. So, why would Amazon take risks and compete with Daraz? Because although Daraz is popular in Bangladesh, customers are not very happy with its service. In the end, It's not about what consumers get; It's about what experience consumer receives.


With all the analyses, it wouldn't take too long for Amazon to replace Daraz and become one of the leading e-commerce companies in Bangladesh. So the question again, why is amazon not on any business terms with Bangladesh? It's because capturing the Bangladesh market is not valueless, but many businesses overlook it. The same goes for Amazon, and it has ignored the potential consumers it can get from Bangladesh. However, Bangladesh never showed any interest in reaching a business agreement with Amazon.

However, Amazon is not entirely ignoring that it can get a fair amount of potential customers from the country. The search engine giant Google and e-commerce giant Amazon have already received their Business Identification Number (BIN) from the National Board of Revenue (NBR).


There was no reason to ignore Bangladesh. Amazon only targets developing countries that will easily connect with its products. And it should because the connection between businesses and consumers has to be more straightforward. Only then will a business grow. A tech giant like Amazon knows the right time to connect with more potential consumers. Maybe that's why Amazon is not in Bangladesh yet.