Top 20 Indian Blogs । Will Inspire you becoming a Blogger

Top 20 Indian Blogs That Will Inspire you becoming a Blogger

#1. YourStory

Founder name: Shradha Sharma
Blog founded date: 2008
Content covered: Entrepreneurship, business, stories, and start-ups
Monetization: Google AdSense

#2. GuidingTech

Founder: Abhijeet Mukherjee
Blog founded date: 2008
Content covered: Gaming, gadgets, Windows, Mac, and technology
Monetization: Affiliate marketing and blog ads

#3. ShoutMeLoud

Founder: Harsh Agrawal
Blog founded date: December 1st, 2008
Content covered: ShoutMeLoud covers blogging, SEO, WordPress, freelancing, WP hosting, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and Google AdSense.
Monetization: Affiliate marketing, Display Ads, and sponsored reviews

#4. FoneArena

Founder: Varun Krishnan
Blog founded date: Mar 2005
Content covered: The blog focuses mainly on reviewing phones and electronic gadgets.
Monetization: Sponsored links and affiliate marketing

#5. Labnol

Founder: Amit Agarwal
Blog Founded Date: 2004
Content covered: His blog includes tips and how-to guides on consumer software, mobile apps, and technologies.
Monetization: Google AdSense and Google Addons

#6. MissMalini

Founder: Malini Agarwal
Blog Founded Date: 2008
Content covered: The blog covers style, beauty, arts, culture, career, health and wellness, beauty tips, and gadgets.
Monetization: Google AdSense

#7. TheShootingStar

Founder: Shivya Nath
Blog founded date: 2016
Content covered: In her blog, she writes about her experiences, the places she visited. Thus inspires other people to take a step forward to travel around the globe and experience the world.
Monetization: Affiliate products, sponsored posts, collaborations, and book

#8. SafalNiveshak

Founder: Vishal Khandelwal
Blog founded date: 2011
Content covered: Value investing, business analysis, book reviews, human behavior, stock analysis, and his experiences.
Monetization: Courses and books

#9. JagoInvestor

Founder: Manish Chauhan
Blog founded date: 2007
Content covered: Financial education, insurance, mutual funds, reviews, and workshops
Monetization: Selling financial books and consultation

#10. Archana’s Kitchen

Founder: Archana Doshi
Blog founded date: Nov 2007
Content covered: Indian recipes, world recipes, cooking techniques, and drink recipes
Monetization: eCommerce

#11. NextBigWhat

Founder: Ashish Sinha
Blog founded date: 2012
Content covered: Startups, entrepreneurship, product management, and artificial intelligence
Monetization: Courses, Google AdSense, and other collaborations

#12. iGeeksBlog

Founder: Jignesh Padhiyar
Blog founded date: 2012
Content covered: Mac, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Apple news and rumors, Apple watch tips, reviews, and troubleshooting guides.
Monetization: Google AdSense, sponsored reviews, and affiliate products

#13. TheWindowsClub

Founder: Anand Khanse
Blog founded date: 20th April 2009
Content covered: TheWindowsClub covers the content regarding freeware software, repair tools, issues with Microsoft and Windows operating system, and also news about the Microsoft ecosystem.
Monetization: Google AdSense and sponsored posts

#14. BloggersPassion

Founder: Anil Agarwal
Blog founded date: Jan 1st, 2010
Content covered: Affiliate marketing, blogging tips, SEO, and web hosting
Monetization: Affiliate marketing, Google AdSense and SEO consultation

#15. BloggingX

Founder: Akshay Hallur
Blog founded date: 2014 (Formerly GoBloggingTips)
Content covered: Blogging, SEO, WordPress, and affiliate marketing
Monetization: Affiliate marketing and training courses

#16. MasterBlogging

Founder: Ankit Singla
Blog founded date: 2010
Content covered: Blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing
Monetization: Affiliate marketing and training courses

#17. TechPP

Founder: Raju PP
Blog founded date : 2008
Content covered: TechPP covers all about consumer technology, web tools, and gadgets.
Monetization: Affiliate marketing, sponsored ads, and Google AdSense

#18. 9lessons

Founder: Srinivas Tamada
Blog founded date: 2009
Content covered: Programming and web technologies
Monetization: Direct Ads, affiliates, and Google AdSense

#19. PhoneRadar

Founder: Amit Bhawani
Blog founded date: 2012
Content covered: Mobile reviews, phone news, and video reviews
Monetization: Google AdSense, affiliate products, and sponsored posts

#20. HellboundBloggers
Founder: Pradeep Kumar
Blog founded date: January 2009
Content covered: Blogging, social media, WordPress, eCommerce, SEO, making money, and web hosting.
Monetization: Affiliate marketing and sponsored reviews