How to adjust the embedded YouTube video's size on Blogger?

adjust the size of embedded YouTube videos on Blogger

Blogger allows you to edit the HTML file of your blog post. Unlike other platforms, editing codes in Blogger is straightforward. You don't need to have any knowledge of codings. It makes it easier to adjust the size of embedded YouTube Videos. I have described all the techniques below for your relief.

In many platforms, you need coding experience to make the necessary changes. However, the Blogger platform doesn't demand any superior coding experience from you. The Blogger platform makes blogging very simple for novices. That's an edge you get in Blogger - everything is simple to operate.

How do you adjust the size of embedded YouTube videos on Blogger?

To adjust the size of any embedded YouTube videos, you'll have to add the YouTube video by using Insert video > YouTube Video. Or else, you can copy-paste the embedded code on Blogger post.

Once you have added the video to your blog post, change from Compose view to HTML view to edit the codes. Out of all the code, find the embedded YouTube video code. <iframe> is the specified code that uses to embed videos. So, all you have to do is set/add the width and height attributes in the <iframe> code.

<iframe> code example,


 <iframe src=""

frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>



You may notice that the width and height attributes are in the <iframe> element. In this condition, you can adjust the pixels of width and height attributes.

By default, the YouTube Video embedding size is 560 x 315. So you can use width="560" height="315" attribute in the iframe element if no width and height attributes are specified.


<iframe frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560" allowfullscreen> </iframe>

This method is tactical and should work for everyone. However, if you face other problems, you can count on us for the best solution.