5 blogging related youtubers in India!


Are daily SEO updates causing problems in your site ranking? Don't worry! Some Indian Youtubers have taken initial steps to help beginners learn proper Search Engine Optimization. Whether you have a site to monetize or a business to rank, Search Engine Optimization is required. 

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    Without better optimization, ranking in search engines such as Google will not be easy. Google is the most used search engine, and it demands a 100% optimized website from you. That's why you need progressive SEO support in all fields, starting from the marketing field to the Blogger field. Because without SEO support, your business is helpless.

    In a developing country like India, an experienced blogger can earn up to 10,000USD per month by blogging. Even an intermediate blogger can generate revenue between 300 and 400 USD per month by relying on their general skills. And If you think this is unattainable, you should know about Amit Agarwal, no1 Blogger in India. He is the first Indian Professional Blogger who makes 40,000USD per month through his site Labnol.org. How about Sorav Jain, one of the best digital marketers of India. He makes up to 40Laks per month. I hope you understand that becoming a blogger isn't worthless and can be accepted as a career.

    Search Engine Optimization can be very complicated every time a new update comes from Google. Only a professional's guidelines can solve all of your SEO problems. But rather than hiring a professional to take out your site's SEO-related issues, why don't you watch videos of some of the best Indian tech YouTubers who share the best SEO tips.

    So, if you want some free professional-level SEO tutorials and tips, then watch videos of these Indian tech YouTubers who share the best SEO tips you'll ever get to know.

    Techno Vedant 

    If you want to become a successful blogger, you'll need the best bits of advice and guidelines. In Techno Vedant's youtube channel, you will get every required lead you can use to make your blog a successful competition for other bloggers. He is one of the few YouTubers who shares real SEO tricks one can ever use. If you're a beginner, Techno Vedant's videos are for you.

    One of the best things about Techno Vedant is that he gives full time in explaining what to do and avoid. He helps Indian bloggers by creating videos on many SEO-related complexities.

    Technical Ripon

    Ripon Sahaji, often known by his channel name Technical Ripon, is one of the best blogging tips providers. He is an Indian Blogger, YouTuber & Digital Marketer. IF you have less knowledge of SEO, you should watch his SEO tutorials for beginners. Technical Ripon is a professional Blogger who has helped more than 200,000 bloggers through SEOMAFIA. He's a living Inspiration to many bloggers. His Monthly Income is between 8 to 10 lakhs.

    Ripon uploads blogging suggestions and solutions-related visual content in his YouTube channel. In most of his videos, you will find videos related to SEO and blogging.

    Website Learners

    With a team of 50+, based in Chennai, India, Website Learners is one of the best Youtube channels for learning to make websites faster & easier. In this channel, you'll find some of the best SEO tips & tutorials for beginners. They make website building as simple as possible. Website Learners always come up with great tutorials and helpful guidelines.

    If you want simple website-building tutorials, you should subscribe to the Website Learners youtube channel. Their videos will surely help you solve your SEO problems. Aside from SEO, you'll also get to learn other essential tips you'll need to make your website no1.

    Web Beast

    This channel will make your blogging much easier and less complicated. Blogging, SEO, Digital Marketing, Website traffic increasing, and many more, you'll find all kinds of solutions in Web Beast. It is one of the best Youtube channels for beginners. If you want to monetize your site with AdSense, You may know that getting AdSense approval on your blog is challenging nowadays.

    These are some of the best Indian YouTube channels for beginners to learn SEO. If you encounter any problems while setting up your site's SEO, you can check out their tutorial at any time for a proper solution.