How to solve - This blog has been locked! problem?

This blog has been locked!

It is a common blogger problem that you are experiencing. Blogger users have to face various difficulties. Some of their solutions are complicated for beginners. But there is no problem with Blogger that IBD can't fix.

What would be the best course of action you could take if your blog is suddenly locked? In this article, I will let you know what you should do to solve - the "This blog is locked" problem. 
How to recover locked/blocked blogger websites

How to recover locked/blocked blogger websites? 

Blogger has stricken its rules. It is blocking users out of nowhere. Your account may be blocked by the Blogger community if any spam links or illegal content are found. Google is seeking creative and valuable content. It is why Google wants all the publishers to publish innovative and helpful articles. However, your blog doesn’t get locked because of copy Articles. Spammy links that redirect users to a landing page that doesn’t follow Google guidelines are mostly the cause of blogger accounts getting locked.

 Here are some potential reasons that could be the reason why your blogger site is locked:
  • Spammy links found on your site. 
  • Illegal content (18+/sensitive/Harassment/Political abuse, etc.) 
  • Someone has Reported your Blog to the Blogger community.
Don’t add a report abuse widget on your Blogger blog, it allows haters to report your blog. If you find that your Blogger blog is locked and you do not have a backup file, wait 24 hours. Blogger usually takes 24 hours to review your blog, after reviewing it will unlock your blog.

However, if your blog contains illegal content (child abuse videos, child sex videos, murder videos, etc.), your blog will be deleted by the blogger community permanently. Tip: Backup all your posts on Blogger every week. It will help you move your blog if your current blog gets deleted somehow.