5 Underrated Offline Android Games । Not popular!

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    Were you searching for the best Android games to play offline? Do you want to know about some addictive offline games? What about some offline games that have been underrated but will remind you after playing that they should have rated correctly! It's 2022, and we are already talking about games like CyberPunk, WWE2k22, CALL OF DUTY, Fortnite, and many more. Online games are seemingly dominating the market now. But that doesn't mean that offline games are not good. Some offline games are seemingly better and should have a better position in the ranking.

    With that in mind, I've found the five of the best offline games that have received low ratings, but in reality, they deserve better.

    Offline Android Games

    Who doesn't like to play games? I am a Game lover, and I love to play games that are seemingly preferable to friends and provide a good gaming experience. I've played many games, some were horrible, and some were addictive. Everyone has different tests. It is difficult for game developers to create games that will satisfy every player equally. In the world of Games, some offline android games emerge with a good storyline, gaming experience, smooth performance, thrilling sound quality, and HD visuals. In this context, we're going to know about these android games.

    Wrestling Revolution 3D

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    If you're a wrestling lover, you definitely should try this android game. This game lets you have an experience of a real wrestling career. The characters are in 3D, so the game won't make you feel it's too cartoon-like, nor will you feel any realistic. All the characters in the game exist in real-life. In the game, you have the opportunity to play two careers, one as a wrestler and the other as a general manager.

    This game had the potential to be one of the top wrestling games. However, MDickie (the game's developer) doesn't seem to have made any promising updates to the game. I enjoyed playing this game when I was in 10th class. But later, I stopped playing this game as I was waiting for new modifications into the game by MDickie. He made some updates to the game and, in early 2021, released another wrestling simulation 3D game called Wrestling Empire. This time, he made the game available for both android players and Nintendo switch users. You can also play the game with your friends, even though the game is not an online multiplayer game. That's also a disappointment for android users because they can not play the game with whom they want. But the stories and setups you'll experience in the game will make you forget about the disabilities it has.

    Overall, the game is average and enjoyable to play. This game is recommended for every wrestling lover to play at least once.

    The Walking Zombie: Dead City

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    Imagine that you woke up in the future where a terrible epidemic made the world full of zombies, and now you must fight to survive. Feel the horror! Fight to stay alive in a harsh environment! Meet the world where zombies have become restless to eat you. How would you react to the situation? How to live in a dead city surrounded by zombies where there is no guarantee of survival for another day.

    The Walking Zombie: Dead City is another zombie-killing survival game. The graphics of the game are in a 3D pixel cartoon. At first glance, it may look like another annoying pixel game but don't let it distract you. Playing this game will give you an experience that you have never received from a pixel game. You get to kill numerous zombies using weapons other than guns. You get to face several boss monsters. And do you know what amused me? Every zombie monster reacts after receiving a hit and falling apart with multiple hits. Developers also added different effects on various deaths. Even if you don't like the storylines, the action and difficulties will force you to forget that you're playing a pixel game.

    Dynamons World

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    We all loved to watch pokemon animated seasons in our teenage times. For me, I wanted to feel the world surrounded by cute and powerful pokemon. This game is one of the few games that will let you experience the world of Dynamons similar to pokemon.

    This game has three seasons, Dynamons, Dynamons 2, and Dynamons World. You'll get to catch new Dynamons in each sequel. One of the good parts of the game is that the game has a proper storyline and a proper ending. It makes you feel like you're on an adventure. The beginning may seem a bit boring to you, but when you get to the middle of the game, you'll realize that you have become curious about the ending.

    Some part of the game becomes too challenging for you. For example, Krimson, Malakite, and Kobalt, three of the overpowered Dynamons, are almost too difficult for you to fight and catch. However, in the game, you'll also get to see your Dynamons evolving into a much more powerful version of themselves, just like a pokemon game.

    Overall, the game is good and kind of fun to play. However, the gameplay will make you feel that you're playing another card game.

    Badminton league

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    Now, this is one of the most underrated games. If you like to play badminton, you would definitely like this badminton game. You could even fall addicted to this game. Yes! This game is addictive. It is one of the most competitive badminton games. Badminton league lets you play against your friends in one on one mode. It has a Badminton League Tournament Mode that lets you play and win a trophy.

    You can customize your character with tons of items, level up your ability, do stronger smash, jump, and many more features that will allow you to have a remarkable badminton experience.

    Overall, the game provides you with a good badminton experience. However, the game's simple and elegant UI design will make you think that they can do better than that.

    Prison Escape

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    Imagine that you were accused and sent to death row for a crime you did not commit. How would you feel? What would you do? The only way to save yourself is to break out of the prison from inside. Would you accept your fate or escape from the prison to prove that you are the victim and not the criminal? Prison Escape is one of the few games that will allow you to feel the excitement of escaping from a prison.

    In the game, you have to develop an escape plan step by step and break out to prove that you're innocent. You can explore and fight in a 3D prison world. It has 30 Action-Packed missions, and the controls reflexively allow you to play just the way you want.

    Overall, the game has decent graphics and artwork with good performance and stealth kills that let you feel the excitement of breaking out of jail. However, after a certain level, the game becomes too challenging.


    Many good games aren't getting a chance to shine due to people playing online games more than offline games. The major disadvantage of offline games is that one can not compete with a global audience. That's why after a certain point, the player stops playing the game. Due to this one disadvantage, many good offline games lose their players. Despite the good graphics and storyline, people play fewer offline games. Although, some offline games become popular when a celebrity or streamer plays the game. People play offline games based on a popular movie, sport, or entertainment. With this in mind, we have exposed the list of the five most underrated offline android games. In the checklist, we have: 

    • Wrestling Revolution 3D
    • The Walking Zombie: Dead City
    • Dynamons World
    • Badminton league
    • Prison Escape

    All five are great offline games. You can be sure that playing any of the games on the list will not waste your time.