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Can't find enough keywords for your article? Well, it's very difficult to find relevant keywords to create 100% SEO-friendly content that will top Google rankings, especially when you don't have access to premium SEO tools.

Keyword research tools help you analyze Google Search Trends, this gives every content writer the benefits of creating a content that will surpass all other websites and rank top in search engine results pages(SERP).

But there are free tools that you can use to find relevant keywords with adequate details like CPC, monthly volume, ranking difficulty etc.

In this article I will give you enough information about how to discover top searches on google.

Google Trend helps you to explore google search trend

Google trend is Google's own Keyword research tool for Content Writers and Creators. Open Google Trends website, In Google trends you can discover most searched keywords on Google. As we know that top searches keywords are highly important to optimize a content, so a tool like google trend is a very helpful way to discover top search Google keywords. This allows you to find relevant keywords for your content which you can use in the content. However for beginners google trends might be a little too messy.

Why use Google Trends?

  • To Identify current trending key phrases.
  • Isolating popular topics or subtopics within an industry or related to a theme.
  • It lets you discover local search trends.
  • You will find rising topics & keywords.
  • You can Estimate the needs of a topic over a period of time.
  • Allows you to find the area where the topic is most popular.

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Using Google Trends For Market Research

Market research is considered to be very important in all types of business. So in Google Trends, every user gets the benefit of analyzing the popularity of search terms over time. How? It's because Google Trends allows every user to explore most searched terms on Google.

How to use Google Trends in marketing? 

  • Discover popular topics related to your industry
  • Determine seasonal patterns through Google Trends.
  • you can view what kind of search terms are/were popular for your competitors. This will help you measure what your competitors are going after.

However google trend does have some minus points that can't be ignored.


You cannot find data about the monthly search volume of keywords or the number of contests set for each keyword phrase. However as a free tool from Google it does provide some amazing facilities that can be helpful to every content writer.

Google trend isn’t the only Keyword research tool that helps you to research keywords' tendency among netizens. There are more similar free keyword research tools available that work just like Google trends.

Similar Free keyword research tools like Google Trends

Relevant to Google Trends I'll mention 3 similar keyword research tools which you can use to optimize your local seo strategy.

KeywordTool.Io is one of the best alternatives to google trends for researching keywords. Similar to Google trends in you can find what people search for on Google.


Ubersuggest is not a completely free SEO tool that you can use whenever you want, unless you purchase premium support. It allows you to do 3 free trials per day


Not only Wordtracker is one of the best keyword research tools for bloggers but also it is free for every user with 12 daily trials.

Google Keyword Planner

You can use Google Keyword Planner for free. It helps you research keywords for your search campaigns. This free tool allows you to discover new and unique keywords related to your business. It helps you plan the best keywords for your marketing strategy.


Siobility is one of the SEO tool providers you can easily rely on. It has its own keyword research tool and allows 3 free trials per day for each user. One of the best tools if you want to research keywords for marketing.