Should you use Jasper AI Copywriting Tool?

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By 2024, the artificial intelligence market could reach 500 billion. Artificial intelligence has great potential for revenue and profit growth. For us, it's a revolutionary development technology. Modern gadgets we use in our daily lives will be using Artificial Intelligence technology very soon.

It is creating a buzz among the public, and some reputable businesses have already started investing in this technology. Modern countries like Japan are working on robotics technology that will think artificially using AI. People are also using AI tools to create unique articles automatically. Websites like Jasper and other copywriting tools offer this facility. However, can an AI tool-generated article be good enough to rank in search engines?

To find out, first, we need to know the details about Artificial Intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence? 

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that can think automatically. It works as an artificial brain for robots. It allows robots to solve multiple tasks faster and better than normal humans. Corporations will use artificial intelligence robots instead of individuals to execute intricate physical tasks.

Have you heard about the Sophia robot? Yes, there is an AI system designed for general reasoning. It analyses conversations and excerpts data to improve Sophia's reactions. Sophia's AI modules allow her to see, hear, and respond Sympathetically.

AI can be very beneficial, but it is better to avoid AI-generated articles. Nowadays, many people are using Jarvis to write articles for them. Jarvis provides you with almost 100% unique articles, but what you don't understand about Jarvis is that it's an AI tool that rewrites all of your copy. There will be no creativity in the articles, and if your goal is to connect Google AdSense to your blog or website, you better avoid rewriting articles. Also, don't hire content writers who use AI tools. 

Ranking in the Google search engine will need creative and informative content from you. Only an experienced content writer can help you with your Google ranking. A professional content writer can help you rank higher in Google and beat your competitors.

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Should you write articles by yourself?

If you want to become a content writer, you should probably write articles yourself. It will help you to gain more knowledge about content writing. However, if you want to make money through your blog and do not wanna waste time, you need to hire a professional content writer. It will save you from doing extra work.

Why should you Hire a Content Writer?

Google is the best search engine for marketing. It is also a place for many bloggers to make money through monetization. It also has an algorithm system that can detect rewritten articles. Do you want to risk your chance of making money by using AI tools to generate content?

Google wants creative and informative articles. It doesn't need lengthy articles overloaded with phrases that add no meaning to the topic. Google advises new publishers to publish fresh and informative articles. That's why if you don't have any experience in writing or don't want to invest your time in writing new content, then hiring an experienced content writer is the best option available. 

Even though artificial intelligence makes it fast & easy to create content for your blog, you should not use it in content writing.