Why beginners use Blogger instead of wordpress?

2022 has brought lots of changes and updates for bloggers. It is going to be a working year for all of us. Many may need proper guidance for this.
blogger vs wordpress

Honestly, WordPress is a suitable platform for creating a business website. At present, almost a 500million sites use WordPress. However, it does not go well with newcomers. Newcomers face many challenges while using WordPress that only a professional website optimizer can solve.

Starting Up a Blog in Google Blogger

SEO to website optimizing, everything is very advanced and complex in WordPress. However, Blogger is a different platform where everything is simple. It is one of the best blogging platforms. On Blogger, you get general control of your blog. You will not receive 100% control of your site on the Blogger platform because the initial authority of your site is in the hands of Google. The security of a Blogger-hosted site is provided by Google itself. You get to connect your blog with AdSense to make money as a blogger. However, its simplicity is helpful and easy to use for beginners. A beginner-level blogger can learn everything about blogging using the Blogger platform. It is the advantage of Blogger, it helps you learn AtoZ about blogging, and it does not cost you a penny. You can easily add custom domains and publish your blog to any search engine, including Google.

Setting Up A Blog On Wordpress

WordPress also has a free platform called Wordpress.com, which allows you to create a free blog in WordPress. I am not advising WordPress blogging for beginners. You can create your blog in WordPress when you acquire enough experience. Starting a WordPress blog, in the beginning, could be expensive. Because on wordpress.com, you have to pay for almost everything. If you want to add a custom domain, you have to pay them. It is compulsory to buy a premium or business plan to connect a custom domain to your site.


But the truth is you should make full use of WordPress to create a website for your business. Because it always provides you with the services you need. But if you want to engage with the content marketing industry and become a blogger, then as a beginner blogger, you should choose the Blogger platform.

5 Facts about Blogger:

  1. Blogger was launched on August 23, 1999, developed by Pyra Labs. Later in 2003, it was acquired by Google. Now it is Google’s property.
  2. Blogger.com owns all your content, it can erase all your hard work without letting you know. Blogger.com is the most secure blogging platform because it is hosted on Google's servers.
  3. Feedburner was associated with Blogger.com until 2021 when Google decided to disband its subscription widget from Blogger. From sources across the web, Blogger.com is the No. 1 free blogging platform among popular blogging platforms. Thanks for reading this context. Make sure you share our platform with your online friends and help us to grow. For more details on Blogger.com, stay with us by bookmarking this site in your browser or if you are a PC user, then install this site on your computer.