Which font is best for writing blogs?

Arial font In Your Blog Articles?

When I first started my blogging career, I used to use many fonts to make my articles eye-catching. After 1.5 years, which is now, I stopped using different fonts and used a single font, 'Arial', for my blog articles. So, what happened that Instead of trying various fonts in my blog content, I started using a single font for all of my blog's content?

Arial font In Your Blog Articles?

When I was trying to be a blogger and had published some articles on my first blog, I used to try fonts such as Times New Roman, Lobster, Helvetica etc. All these fonts would give my writings a better look.

But my blogging wasn't going very well. I realized that even though my articles were informative & eye-catching, they lacked insignificant points that would attract readers' attention.

Arial font In Your Blog Articles?

Then after some research, I found that all my faults were in choosing the wrong font for my articles. You don't need to show off your articles by using great looking fonts, and this will just make your readers avoid your articles. 

For a better blogging experience, choose a light font that doesn't bother readers' attention. It will make it disturbing for a reader to read your blog's content. 

So choosing a better font is essential if you don't want your readers to skip your article.

As we all know, 'Arial' is the default and one of the best fonts for writing content, so internet users are familiar with this font. Now you can use other popular fonts such as Helvetica, Times New Roman or Verdana. They do look good and light. But do you know that not all Major browsers support these fonts? You can use these fonts in making Logos or designs, but I recommend that you don't use them in your blog's article.