Did you know Japan is one of the best countries for education?

Japan education

Unlike other countries, Japan is a country of educated people. In Japan you will find people with higher IQ than other countries.

The education system in Japan is different from other countries. Here you will learn manners with wisdom. This is why Japanese people are known for their good manners and politeness.

The Japanese education system teaches children to respect their adults and other people. At a very young age children learn how to be generous, empathetic and compassionate.

In Japan, students are more competitive with their studies. They get all the opportunities from their school-college. Teachers commit themselves to helping students become successful people. 

Compared to students in the United States, Japanese students regularly outperform them in their schooling. They acquired more knowledge of mathematics and science at an early age and consistently surpassed others internationally.

If you ever think you are smarter than others, think twice, because the average Japanese person has an IQ of 111 (the highest in the world.), Which makes them smarter than other countries.

Education in Japan serves as a source of pride or reputation for students. Like other countries, people here are more concerned with their education and future plans. They can choose what they want to be at a young age.

It is hard to believe that the country that used to be the cause of jealousy to the world has now become the world's second largest economy in just two decades.

Fact you should know about JAPAN: They have their own space agency called JAXA "The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency". There are about 100 space satellites launched by and for Japan.

You can imagine how much the Japanese valued education. And that's why Japan is one of the most highly educated countries in the world today.

So If you want to go abroad for higher education then you can go to Japan. Not because of the education system in Japan, but because of their respect for education and educated people.