facebook name change to facebook meta

facebook meta

Over the last few days, I have noticed that many people think that the name of Facebook has changed. I still don't understand why some people in society conclude without research. Anyway, today I will clear up your misunderstandings. Everyone can know the statement of Mark Zuckerberg, including the name change of Facebook. In a recent interview, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook is no longer the name of the Facebook company. Instead, its name changed to Facebook Meta. Mark Zuckerberg decided to revolutionize the metaverse in the modern era. So the Facebook company name has now been meta. However, the name of the Facebook app will remain as it is. The name of the Facebook app has not changed, and all the social networking apps under it will now be part of the Metaverse company.

Although Mark Zuckerberg did not give a reason for naming the Facebook company Meta, he said, "The meta name used to express Metaverse," which reflects the new revolution of the Facebook company. The journey of Facebook started in 2006. From the interface to its logo, everything has improved. Although it is a little surprising to change the name of the Facebook company in a hurry, a new revolution has started. It will be exciting to see how much the Metaverse company will improve its social media now. We, the users of social media technology, are waiting for today's meta company to see how far Zuckerberg can go. Stay tuned to IBD to learn about Facebook companies and other technologies.